The first time 14-year-old Brendon got within 10 feet of an airplane he found himself behind the controls, guiding the propeller-driven craft along the taxiways of Chandler Municipal Airport.

With Frank Setzler of Chandler Aviation Inc. as his instructor and co-pilot, Brendon taxied along, fighting the temptation to push the throttle and take wing.

“It was exciting,” Brendon says with a big smile. “I wasn’t scared at all. I wanted to take off real bad.”

Brendon has long loved aeronautics and airplanes, especially the aircraft of World War II. He rattles off facts and figures about fighter planes and bombers of the era. His personal library contains mostly books about airplanes and the science of flight.

Brendon says he is in awe of the pioneers of flying.

“It’s hard to think who had the guts to make something that would go a thousand feet high,” he says.

Brendon dreams of a career in aviation and hopes to go to Embry–Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott.

He also has more grounded passions – lizards.

“I like catching lizards outside,” he says, adding that they make great pets and he enjoys caring for them.

Brendon’s other typical teen interests include “The Simpsons,” video games, pizza, skateboarding and playing baseball.

“Brendon is a caring young man, he cares about others,” says Will Savoy, a child specific adoption recruiter.

Brendon would thrive in a two-parent household that can offer structure and support for the teen’s pursuit of his passions. Brendon has a good relationship with his grandparents and it’s important that a forever family allow him to maintain that relationship, Savoy says.

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