Betty has a flair for fashion that goes well beyond trying on clothes at the mall.

“I want to be a fashion designer, but I also want to be a model,” says the quick-to-laugh seventh-grader. “I would prefer to do fashion designing, but I can do both.”

Betty loves to sketch and color new designs. She wants to be a fashion designer as an adult, but she says she doesn’t want to limit her designs to the runways of Paris or New York.

“I would like to design clothes for homeless people,” she says, “because they have no good clothes and I want to them to have good clothes.”

Betty beamed when working with textiles in the studio of Breanna Rose Skoon, who coached the girl on cutting and sewing.

“It was my first time using a sewing machine -- and I nailed it,” Betty laughs.

Betty likes to sketch more than clothes. She also loves to draw characters from the Harry Potter series, her favorite books. She also likes to paint, her mood dictating the color scheme.

“Whatever I’m feeling, I paint,” the 11-year-old says. “So, if I’m feeling sad, I’ll paint blues and blacks and purples. If I’m feeling happy, I’d put in greens and oranges. If I’m feeling fancy, I would put golds and silvers and bronze.”

Betty says she loves to get lost in a good book. Math is her favorite subject in school.

“My favorite type of math is algebra,” she says, adding that she was surprised how much math plays a role in fashion design.

Betty’s passion for music -- Beyoncé is one of her favorite artists -- means she is a big fan of the television show “American Idol.”

Betty is open to a forever family with a single mother, or one with a mother and father. She would like to have siblings.

“I can help you with your children, if you have little children,” she says, brightening at the prospect.

Betty says she hopes a forever family would allow her to try cheerleading and help her prepare for college so that she can be a fashion designer. And if they want to take her to Disneyland -- she’s never been -- that would be the icing on the cake.

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