Sixteen-year-old Ashley has the ability to surprise people.

“I was totally blown away about how she was able to coordinate the rhythm of moving the bike using her arms and her legs,” foster parent Monette says after the teen powers a hand-cranked adaptive bicycle around a track.

Jerry Ketelhut and Sarah Lindvay of the adaptive recreation program Daring Adventures introduced Ashley to cycling, but she is a long-time fan of things with wheels.

“She loves to push anything with wheels,” Jackson says. “Ashley loves to play with Play-Dough. She loves slime.”

Ashley’s musical tastes runs from “The Chipmunks” to Bruno Mars.

“Put on Bruno Mars and she is going to get the whole family laughing,” Monette says.

Ashley spends a lot of time laughing, Monette says. She is a smiling, happy teen who never has a bad day.

“She loves to be social,” Jackson says. “She is a hugger.”

Ashley is developmentally delayed and is in a self-contained special education class at school.

Ashley would do well in any family setting, as long as the forever family is committed to her long-term care. Parents with experience with children with special needs would have a head start, but anyone willing to learn, and willing to love, would be a good fit.

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