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Meet Anthony: Artist in residence

His passion is drawing, but he also loves to build with Legos.

Put a crayon in Anthony’s hand and he is one happy 7-year-old boy.

“His passion is drawing,” says foster parent Dietra Hughes, who adds that “he is very creative.”

His creativity is channeled by digital cartoonist James Rallison during a session that includes drawing on a computer tablet with a digital stylus and using old-fashion crayons on newsprint.

“I had fun drawing stuff,” says Anthony. “My favorite thing to do is make stuff and draw. When I think of something in my head, I draw it.”

Anthony also loves building trucks and cars, bridges and buildings with Legos.

But, he is active as you would expect a 7-year-old boy to be.

“I like to play outside and ride my bike outside,” Anthony says. “I like to play basketball and football.”

Anthony also loves to swim, says Hughes.

“His favorite thing is to swim,” she says, chuckling. “He learned to swim last year and now he is all about it.”

Anthony would do best in a two-parent household as an only child. But, he would also do well with older siblings.

Anthony is a big-hearted boy, says Hughes.

“He is a very, very loving little boy. He loves hugs, he loves kisses.”

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