Ten-year-old Aiden doesn’t take life slow.

He talks fast. He’s quick with a joke. And he can click together Lego models in the blink of an eye.

“He is a happy-go-lucky kid,” said Janice, Aiden’s foster parent for two years. “He is a lot of fun, and he’s very smart.”

Aiden does well academically and he is quick to solve the puzzle of turning a pile of Lego bricks into an octopus working alongside Alec Posta, the master model builder at Legoland Discovery Center Arizona in Tempe. Aiden also keeps Posta laughing with a nearly nonstop stream of jokes and bits.

“I’m a really fun guy and I just like hanging out,” Aiden said.

Hanging out building Lego creations is best of all.

“I love Legos and I love dinosaurs,” Aiden said.

Aiden makes weekly trips to the library and usually checks out books about dinosaurs.

He also likes playing video games, adding that “every boy and girl in the world likes video games.”

The best fit for a forever family for Aiden would be a home with a single mother. He would benefit from being the only child, or the youngest child, in the home because he will require a lot of individualized attention.

Once he warms to you, says Janice, Aiden is very affectionate.

“He’s a hugger,” she said.

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