8 Healthy Snacks to Deliver to Patients

Many patients find that during treatment smaller, more-frequent meals or hearty snacks are easier to eat than large meals. If you are helping organize meal delivery for a patient, consider requesting that a few volunteers focus on snacks. Ashley Baldwin recommends the following snacks:

  1. Peanut butter and crackers or peanut butter and apples/bananas
  2. Hummus, pita chips and veggies
  3. Chicken, tuna or egg salad for sandwiches or on crackers
  4. Trail mix
  5. Cheese sticks
  6. Yogurt with fresh berries
  7. Guacamole or bean dip and corn tortilla chips
  8. No-sugar-added applesauce, sliced peaches in their own juice or other single-serving fruits