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Miracle Makers: Single dad battling multiple health issues gifted air conditioning unit

12 News and Mountain America Credit Union gave Dave Knoer a new air conditioning unit.

PHOENIX — Dave Knoer has done a lot of things with his life, but the common thread through most of them is that he has tried to help others.

Knoer worked in many roles for the Red Cross, and, when he wasn’t working, he raised three boys as a single father.

“We had more fun than we should’ve been allowed to have,” Knoer said outside of his son Dustin’s home in Mesa. 

“What I couldn’t give them in possessions, I tried to give them in experiences.”

Knoer says in his crazy household that Super Bowl Sunday lasted a week and involved the whole neighborhood. 

“You couldn’t tell the boys the ‘pass’ the potatoes, because they would,” Knoer said. “It was a house full of testosterone.”

For most of the month of June and part of July, Knoer was forced to move in with Dustin and his family, because the air conditioning in Knoer’s home broke down. He spent about $900 of his own money to try to fix it, but that wasn’t enough to fix the problem.

Knoer suffers from multiple health issues, and, though he loves his son’s family and his son’s family loves him, Dustin wants his father to have his independence and to be able to live by himself to avoid the risks of COVID-19.

So Dustin wrote to the Miracle Makers team, explaining what a kind and generous man his father was and how badly he needed air conditioning so that his life could get back to normal.

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“No one else deserves this more than him because of what he’s given back,” Dustin said. “And not wanting anything back from anybody.”

Mountain America Credit Union agreed to help Knoer with his air conditioning. 

The credit union teamed up with Semper Fi Heating and Cooling to do more than just fix Knoer’s two window units. 

And when MACU agreed to reimburse Dave for $400 of the $900 he spent out of pocket to fix the A/C himself, Semper Fi’s Owner and President Jesse Keenan stepped up and covered the difference, right there on the spot, without having been told about it in advance.

Watch the video to see Knoer’s reaction to his new air conditioning!

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