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Miracle Makers: Keeping the dream alive for young classical dancer in Phoenix

The Miracle Makers stepped in to keep the dream alive for one young classical dancer in Phoenix.

PHOENIX — If you ever see Mikeala DeBride dance, you can see the talent immediately.

The 13-year-old moves gracefully through the classical ballet moves she’s assigned and seems to be having a good time doing it.

It turns out, however, that ballet dancing is an expensive pursuit. 

Mikeala and her family have sacrificed a lot to keep her dream of dancing professionally alive. 

Between dance school, competitions, shoes and tights, the DeBrides spend hundreds of dollars per month and thousands per year to keep Mikeala dancing. 

Mikeala and her mother Christal will often spend hours on a bus going to and from the Arizona School of Classical Ballet in north Phoenix. 

They sometimes get home as late as midnight.

Christal worked out a deal with the school's owner, Hagop Kharatian, to clean the studio in exchange for a break on the price of Mikeala’s dance classes.

Seeing how hard her daughter and granddaughter were working, Sonja DeBride nominated Mikeala for Miracle Makers. 

That’s when Mountain America Credit Union and Dee’s Dancewear stepped up to help her out.

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Watch the video above to see how and to see the family’s reaction.