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Miracle Makers: A surprise vow renewal leaves this man speechless

Humphrey is the first to help at the Wigwam Resort. He and his bride were treated to a special ceremony and another heartwarming surprise.

Humphrey McCarter has been through a lot in his life, but you would never know it if you met the man. His wife of 19 years, Shrrell, nominated him for a visit from the Miracle Makers because of his wonderful attitude and so much more.

Before Humphrey and Shrrell got together, Humphrey served in both the Army and the Navy, but then he battled with addiction and experienced homelessness. When he met her, though, he was able to turn his life around. Since their marriage, he has worked at The Wigwam, a resort in Litchfield Park.

“Hump,” as his co-workers call him, has earned a reputation as a hard worker with a great attitude who is always there to help. But it’s getting to the point where he needs the help of others.

Recently, a rare eye disease took the sight from Humphrey’s left eye, and it is threatening the sight in his right eye as well. This has prevented him from working full time at The Wigwam. According to Shrrelle, his kidneys are beginning to fail.

Shrrelle’s dream for Humphrey was that the two of them be able to go on a honeymoon. When they married in 2001, they didn’t go on one, and she wanted to take Humphrey somewhere nice before his health gets too bad to go anywhere.

Thanks to Mountain America Credit Union, Humprhey and Shrrell will be taking a trip they’ve always wanted, and they got a few more surprises to go along with it.

Credit: 12 News

The day started with a work call for Humphrey, where 12 News surprised him with a sport coat and a boutonniere. When Humphrey walked around the hedges at the scenic Wigwam grounds, he discovered his wife Shrrelle in a white dress, holding a bouquet, singing a love song, ready to renew their wedding vows. The Wigwam loves Humphrey so much, they had their employees set up a beautiful wedding altar and welcomed dozens of co-workers, friends, and family to watch it all happen.

TWW Events provided the bouquet and the rest of the flowers free of charge.

Mountain America Credit Union’s Angie Phillips, a licensed officiant, performed the ceremony. Flustered and surprised as he was, Humphrey made it through his renewal of vows just fine as did Shrrell.

After the ceremony, The Wigwam treated the McCarters to a reception, where they received another surprise. It was a honeymoon of sorts. Watch the video to see what Mountain America Credit Union was able to do for Humphrey and Shrrell as well as how they reacted to all of the surprises.

Credit: 12 News

If you’d like to nominate someone for a visit from the Miracle Makers, visit 12news.com/MiracleMakers

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