Valley Dogs Rescue it the April 12 Who Care Honoree. Valley Dogs Rescue (VDR) and their veterans support group (Veteran’s and Their PetsSM) is an all-breed, no-kill, all volunteer rescue that gives hope to dogs that never thought they would have a second chance, and for some a first chance at a happy life.

Valley Dogs Rescue strives on a daily basis to save as many dogs as possible from atrocious situations. Whether it is saving a dog from a shelter, from living on the streets or providing extensive medical care to those animals in desperate need; VDR continues to do all that is in their power so no dog will have to make the ultimate sacrifice.

One of the most difficult aspects of rescuing animals is also trying to keep dogs that have homes in their homes. VDR works with families in need by providing food, veterinary care and temporary housing while families actively work to get back on their feet.

Unfortunately, the financial burden that these types of situations have caused can be extremely overwhelming at times; however, these dogs are the sole reason as to why Valley Dogs Rescue exists. The community turns to VDR when a dog is in dire need. They receive hundreds of calls per week with heart wrenching stories about stray and neglected animals, or animals that families must find a new home for due to the most difficult of circumstances. If their funding runs out, whom will the community have to turn to? Who will these innocent animals have to turn to?