Imagine not having a roof over your head. Imagine being locked out of your home by your parents. Imagine feeling like you have no choice but to run away instead of facing abuse or neglect.

It is a heart-wrenching reality for an estimated 600-800 teens that sleep on the streets of Maricopa County each night.

Tumbleweed Center for Youth Development gives them shelter, clothing, food and hope. Tumbleweed offers a variety of programs that help youth support, grow and thrive. These programs provide safety from the street, help with immediate survival and emergency housing, and support for the transition to independent adulthood.

One of these programs is called Safe Place. Through a partnership with Tumbleweed, all 32 Valley Metro light rail stations are designated safe places for teens in crisis. Teens that are homeless, have left their homes because of abuse or neglect, or have been asked to leave by their parents can seek immediate help at any light rail station 24-hours a day. Three vulnerable teenagers recently received life-changing help at light rail stations in Phoenix. In each case, the teens connected with Tumbleweed and received the support they needed.

For 40 years, Tumbleweed has been serving our youth. Last year alone, Tumbleweed staff helped nearly 4,000 homeless, runaway, forgotten and at-risk youth, ages 12 to 25 in Maricopa County.

Please support this deserving agency by informing your viewers of the valuable work being done with our teens, each and every day.