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12 Who Care: Forever Loved Pet Sanctuary

12 Who Care: Forever Loved Pet Sanctuary

The following is from Forever Loved Pet Sanctuary.

Founded in 2012, Forever Loved Pet Sanctuary (FLPS) is a non-profit dedicated to saving senior animals who are often overlooked by providing them an opportunity to thrive in a safe and caring environment. For various reasons, senior pets become disposable and end up at local shelters where placement is almost impossible. FLPS makes a serious and positive impact on the lives of these senior animals by providing a streamlined process for loving forever families to adopt.

Annually, we take in over 60 senior animals and are continuing to go strong. That being said, we can only take in animals when we have the funds, and the foster homes available. Senior animals are often associate with higher costs due to age/health issues. The sanctuary also takes all precautions to make sure any senior animals with medical issues have the proper treatment, medication, and are given the best chance at a long, happy life.


Dog Supplies:

Dry Dog Food, Wet Dog Food, Petsafe Busy-Body Rings, Dog Beds, Bully Sticks, Treats, Raised Dog Bowls, Kongs (all sizes), Sheets, Rugs (with rubber back).

Cat Supplies:

Dry Cat Food (Nature's Domain Costco Brand), Cat Litter

Medical Supplies:

Grizzly Salmon Oil, Pill Pockets, Cosequin, Cotton Balls/ Q-Tips

Office Supplies:

Copy Paper, Cardstock, Pens, Sharpie Markers, Dry Erase Markers, Staples, Scotch Tape, Large Garbage Bags, Kitchen Garbage Bags,

Cleaning Supplies:

Dish Soap, Paper Towels, Scrubbing Sponges, Laundry Detergent, Dish Soap, Bleach, Heavy-Duty Water Hose


Toilet Paper, Costco Gift Card, PetSmart Gift Card, Petco Gift Card, Gallon Ziploc Bags, 20x20 Air Filters

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