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12 Who Care: Down Syndrome Network

12 Who Care: Down Syndrome Network

The information below is from the Down Syndrome Network Arizona.

Down Syndrome Network Arizona (DSNetwork) truly provides inspirational programs to more than 2,500 individuals with Down syndrome and their families.

DSNetwork promote positive acceptance and inclusion of individuals with Down syndrome. From birth through school-aged years and beyond, individuals with Down Syndrome and their families face a wide-range of challenges and find themselves immersed in an ever-changing, often complicated journey to learn how to best support and nurture their loved ones.

"As a mom of a 4-year old with Down syndrome" Amanda Rivas said, "my family has benefited greatly from DSNetwork. They have given me the courage to be a voice for my daughter and the guidance to help her succeed."

DSNetwork provides that and much, much more. Without the support, education and community networking that DSNetwork offers, many of parents of and individuals with Down syndrome would travel this road alone.

In addition to its many programs and services, DSNetwork hosts celebrations and events throughout the year to connect the members of the Down syndrome community.

"I have found the networking opportunities to be invaluable." Rivas said. "It is a great way to gain and share knowledge, as well as celebrate our loved ones with Down syndrome."

For more information about Down Syndrome Network please visit, Down Syndrome Network Arizona (DSNetwork).

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