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Afghan man moves from Texas to Muncie

Edris, who isn't sharing his last name for security reasons, said he has never experienced “this kind of freedom” before while walking around the town of Muncie.

MUNCIE, Ind. — Muncie has its first new neighbor from Afghanistan.

A spokesperson with the Muncie Afghan Refugee Resettlement Committee (MARRC) said Edris, who has chosen not to share his last name for security reasons, moved from Fort Bliss, Texas, to Muncie on Oct. 14. Edris stayed with MARRC volunteers Ken Holland and his wife, Julie, for a few nights but now lives in a house he's renting.

Edris came to Muncie from Texas through a program called Exodus Refugee Immigration, Inc., an organization that supports refugees in the United States from all over the world.

“We were not expecting our first arrivals from Camp Atterbury until at least November,” MARRC President Ashraf Abou El Ezz said in a news release. “It was a pleasant surprise when Exodus told us Edris was coming. We are happy he is here and can’t wait to see him thrive in our community.” 

Edris said he visited rotary, golf and soccer clubs with Holland when he first moved to Muncie.

“He loves Muncie and the warm welcome he has received. Two of his friends from the camp at Fort Bliss have requested that they be resettled in Muncie. I taught him to play golf and introduced him to Chinese food," Holland said in a news release. "We have learned so much from him about the terrible situation in Kabul and life in the refugee camp. He says all that Muncie lacks is an Afghani restaurant. MARRC has showered him with furniture and essentials for his apartment, and he is very grateful.”

Edris said he's excited to be in Muncie and has never experienced “this kind of freedom” while walking around the town. He said he hopes to reunite with his family soon when they arrive but is choosing not to disclose any additional details about his family for security purposes.

“I saw that Muncie is like my own place because I never feel lonely or like I am from the other side of the world," Edris said in a news release. "I am very grateful for how kind and friendly people have been to me, for inviting me to many events around the community and for giving me information about upcoming events, like what to do for Halloween. I’m glad I now know that I need to get candy to give out to the kids.”

According to the MARRC, Edris worked with the American University of Afghanistan and has a master’s degree in computer science. He is already sending out his resume and already has two interviews lined up.

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