While you still need a medical card to buy from medical marijuana dispensaries, there's no denying that the use of pot is growing.

The well-known dispensary called Harvest is now the largest medical marijuana operator in Arizona after merging with Modern Flower, according to a release.

Modern Flower is a local marijuana cultivator and a supplier of cannabis.

“Since we opened our first dispensary in Tempe four years ago, Harvest has grown, and we’ve done so in a manner that directly benefits patients,” said Steve White, CEO of Harvest in a release. “This merger allows Harvest to meet the demand from an increasing number of seriously ill patients who are turning to medicinal cannabis to confront a variety of illnesses, from cancer to Alzheimer’s disease.”

Harvest will now have a total of eight medical marijuana dispensaries and three cultivation facilities.

At the moment, Harvest has dispensaries in Tempe and Scottsdale as well as indoor cultivation facilities in Bellmont and Camp Verde.

“What I find particularly exciting about this merger is the growth of our Harvest team,” said White. “We have an incredibly-engaged group of team members who are passionately committed to the care of our patients. You can easily see that energy, that genuine desire to improve patients’ lives, in every aspect of our company, from our cultivation to our dispensaries. It’s something that truly differentiates Harvest, and we’re thrilled to be able to share it with more patients.”

For more information, you can visit harvestinc.com.