PHOENIX — There's something blooming in the Valley when it comes to wedding planning: brides using cannabis plants to arrange bridal bouquets. The growing trend in marijuana matrimony has guests waking up and smelling the roses as couples take their special day to a higher level.

"I love adding cannabis and hemp to my bouquets," Jamie McCormick, AKA, the flower daddy from California says smokin' wedding trends are all the craze.

"You have brides that want sunflowers and succulents and then you have brides who want fresh white Sahara desert roses," he added.

No matter what your preference, you can say "I do" with your best bud with customized cannabis, and no, they don't charge by the ounce.

"The base on my bouquets is usually about $175 and that's not including cannabis, so the cannabis is usually about $60 a stem, so it goes up from there," he said.

The pros at GreenPharms Dispensary in Mesa partner with the flower daddy to make sure customers don't go over their 2.5-ounce legal limit.

"Here it gets a little tougher because it is medicinal, where in California it is a little stricter as well because it's patient to patient, but green pharms delivers," he said.

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He adds, the best part about the bouquets, they're not just for walking down the aisle.

"You can put it in a really dry environment and then within like a couple weeks you can smoke it yourself and trim it," McCormick said.

Talk about the "honeymoon blaze" — if you know a couple who wants to include cannabis in their ceremony, just know it's in high demand.

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