A Valley medical marijuana dispensary is set to roll out its brand-new service Friday.

Patients with medical cards will be able to get pot prescriptions filled without ever getting out of the car. Some say the Sun City pot spot All Greens is not your typical drive-thru but staff members, like CEO Anthony Harrington say that for patients in need, that's exactly what it is.

You simply pull up, pay and fill your prescription. The old bank building is now home to the Arizona's first medical marijuana drive-thru.

“I think the convenience factor -- people on their way to work, or way to dinner, whatever it may be -- it's a really quick and convenient way of getting our meds,” he said.

Harrington says the addition is an alternative that helps the majority of his customers.

“We have a lot more elderly patients, those who may have some disabilities," he said. "The whole process of getting out, getting the wheelchair out -- it's tedious and they sometimes have to have caregivers come with them, so this will help alleviate that situation for them."

While the process of getting patients their products is pretty relaxed, regulations are still stiff to ensure security.

“The 'budtender' at the register, they'll greet you," he said. "We would've just done a verification process with the budtender there, going the order, verifying the state limits, verifying the patient is in the state program."

The legal procedure leading up to the change took about six months.

Harrington described that process as "a lot of back and forth with the state showing them that we can provide a safe facility and safe transactions with meeting the guidelines and regulations for the state."

With product constantly coming and going, Harrington says he added features for extra security.

“We try to mimic the banks layout of things inside," he said. "Outside we did the same type of thing, we just had to add tons of cameras, a lot of 4K cameras that kind of meet the state’s needs."

While Harrington says he's not gotten any pushback, medical marijuana is still a highly controversial topic across the Valley.