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San Antonio leaders don't think Governor Abbott's pledge against defunding police is necessary

Those who sign the Texas Backs the Blue Pledge "oppose any efforts to defund the police," but county Judge Nelson Wolff said that's just a scary political term.

SAN ANTONIO — Governor Greg Abbott wants to keep police departments from losing funding. He's asking Texans to sign a new pledge.

Abbott said defunding any police department would only hurt the community it serves.

"This reckless action invites crime into our communities," Abbott said. "We cannot let this happen in Texas."

He's asking everyone, including candidates running for public office, to join him by backing the blue.

Those who sign the Texas Backs the Blue Pledge "oppose any efforts to defund the police".

Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff doesn't think it's necessary. 

"Defunding is a scary term that just doesn't make a lot of sense," Wolff said. "I do not know one police department in the state of Texas that's being defunded, not one. I know there have been some cutbacks at some of them, but none of them have been defunded. That's political talk."

Wolff said some leaders may rearrange their funding to better serve the community. 

"There may have been some cities that trim up their police budgets and maybe assign some work to other places," Wolff said.

He said they're going through some of those debates right now, like who the county will use to handle a mental health crisis. Wolff brought up the idea of a mental health mobile unit that would go out on those types of calls. It will be discussed at the Commissioners Court meeting tomorrow.

"We want to make sure our Sheriff's Office is funded as best as it can be funded," Wolff said.

Mayor Ron Nirenberg said San Antonio's police budget will even have a slight increase in the new year. He said city and county leaders know how to balance the needs of their community.

"Local issues can be handled at the local level," Nirenberg said. 

Abbott wants people to sign the pledge and post it on social media tomorrow at 2 p.m. to spread the word.

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