Turkeys, goats, chickens who lay colorful eggs and more vegetables than you can name off the top of your head. Those are some of the things Arizonans are growing in their neighborhoods. It's more than just a hobby for many.

Seats for an upcoming day-long seminar in Phoenix designed to jump start green thumbs is filling up fast.

The Grow Your Own Food Summit is set for March 7th from 8 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. at Phoenix College. Registration fees are $49 for early birds and $89 at the door.

On Kari Spencer's property you'll find all sorts of things including turkeys, goats and chickens offering colorful eggs. Whether it's for health reason, financial or because they take pride in being a "prepper," more are turning concrete in their corner of the urban jungle into a flourishing farm.

"It's just a pigment that's on the outside of the egg," Spencer explained. "The inside of the egg is just like any other egg."

And her property may look like just any other farm but it's smack dab in north Phoenix.

She takes pride in working her 1/3 acre that offers more than just a bevy of barnyard animals.

"We have fruit trees. We have grapes. We have vegetables of all kinds, greens, all kinds of things growing," Spencer said. "We have potatoes coming up right, which I'm really excited about. I've got onions all year long in my garden."

Greg Peterson runs The Urban Farm and explained that growing food in the desert is more simple than most would expect. He's cultivating an opportunity for others to harvest the knowledge to become more self-sustaining.

"It's a perfect place to step in, get your hands dirty and learn a little about, you know, what's the first step or the second step to grow your own food," Peterson said of the upcoming Grow Your own Food Summit.

Peterson says some are drawn to the concept of urban farming for a simple reason.

"My whole thing is, you know, if you're going to grow something, nurture it, plant it, and water it, it might as well be edible."

Others may go a step further once they get a taste of how easy it can be to grow all sorts of things in the Valley of the Sun.

Part of the Grow your own food summit will focus on dealing with homeowner's associations and the rules regarding growing your own food and livestock.