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Flagstaff's connection to Apollo 11

It's the 50th anniversary of the moon landing and it's time to recognize Arizona's role in the feat.

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. — The state of Arizona has a deep connection to Apollo 11.

Krystle Henderson shows us the unique way the city of Flagstaff has contributed to the historic moon landing.

Help Flagstaff celebrate the 50th anniversary of moon landing

Did you know the Apollo 11 astronauts trained in Flagstaff before journeying into space for that historic day in 1969? You can follow in their boot steps by participating in numerous 'Lunar Legacy' events and activities going on in July in Flagstaff. 

Grab a passport at the Flagstaff Visitor Center and get it stamped along the way! Visit the places astronauts trained at such as Lowell Observatory, Cinder Lake, Meteor Crater and the Grand Canyon, among others. 

Restaurants and shops in town are also celebrating with special 'Lunar Legacy' themed food, drinks and crafts.

Train like an astronaut

The Cinder Lake Training Ground is one site astronauts still study and train at. The ground there mimics that of the moon's surface. Their training at this site is focused on geology - how to spot and collect samples. Training is underway now for the next mission to the moon in 2024!

If the moon were made of glass

Artist George Averbeck is known for his gorgeous glass creations, such as vases, drinking glasses and ornaments. 

He created a limited edition moon globe in celebration of the Lunar Legacy at his Flagstaff workshop: Fire on the Mountain. You can take the moon home by purchase one at the Arizona Handmade Gallery or the Flagstaff Visitor Center.

Blast through space on Meteor Crater's new 4D ride

The world's largest best-preserved impact crater now has an out-of-this-world ride. Experience a space adventure past the moon. 

The Collision Experience attraction will have your seat tilting and shaking as you sit abroad the spacecraft and special effects will fire off in the room as you shoot through the stars. Be sure to watch out for those asteroids! 

Flagstaff Lunar Legacy 'Must Eats': moon pies and celestial cocktails

Traveling through space sure makes you hungry! Tourist Home is a sweet stop for any visitor or local in Flagstaff. To celebrate the 'Lunar Legacy,' the restaurant created moon pies that are sure to delight any chocolate lover. 

Next door at Tinderbox, mixologists create a celestial cocktail concoction called Earthrise. Instead of ordering it on the rocks, you can order it on the moon! No really, the ice in the cocktail looks like the Earth from the moon's perspective!

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