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Everywhere A to Z: Taking a tour of Luke Air Force Base

Team 12's Rachel Cole gives us an in-depth look at the inner workings of Luke Air Force Base in Arizona.

PHOENIX — 12 News is everything Arizona, and we're taking you everywhere A to Z. This week, Rachel Cole is showing us around Luke Air Force Base in Arizona.

From the skies above to the hangars below, we're showing you the sights and sounds of the base and introduce you to a few people who keep the base running smoothly.

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Here are some of the activities and areas Cole will be showing us.

Head to the skies with Luke AFB pilot

Rachel talks to one of Luke’s top pilots and gets the skinny on what’s it’s like to pilot one of the jets, and what his favorite job at the base is. Watch the video above for her interview.

Staying in shape at the Titan Arena

Rachel Cole stops by the Titan Arena at Luke Air Force Base to see how the pilots stay healthy and in tip-top shape.

Watching the skies from Air Traffic Control

Rachel Cole checks in on one of the most stressful jobs at Luke AFB, Air Traffic control. She’s learning what the optimal goal is for the men and women guiding pilots in the air and what goes into it.

Training pilots to stay in peak performance 

On Thursday, Rachel speaks with the female trainer hired specifically for the pilots to keep them in peak performance.

The cutting-edge technology used to prevent pilot injuries

This Friday, Rachel learns about a cutting-edge technology used to help prevent injury and discover where physical weaknesses may occur in the body of the men and women defending the air.

According to the Luke Air Force Base website, the base is named after WWI flying ace and Phoenix native Lieutenant Frank Luke Jr. The base also trains 75 percent of the world's F-35 pilots.

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Stay tuned to 12 News for the rest of our Luke AFB coverage.