PHOENIX — As we continue our Everything Arizona series, we're shifting gears and shining a spotlight on some great education programs at various organizations around the Valley.

Krystle Henderson is visiting these spots and showing us what makes these programs so unique. On Monday, we take a look at the ThinkBIG training program with Caterpillar.  

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Got what it takes to be a Caterpillar tech?

Have you considered a career working on diesel-powered vehicles and engines? Mesa Community College is the only Arizona college partnering in the ThinkBIG training program with Caterpillar. 

CAT dealer Empire Southwest is the classroom. The hands-on program allows students to learn and earn an Associate in Applied Science in Caterpillar Technician Training in less than two years.

Learn how to become a lifeguard

From CPR to water rescue drills, it takes about 20-30 hours to learn to become a lifeguard. Plus, you must get certified and pass a test. 

Visit the City of Peoria website for more info on Peoria’s aquatics training.

Be the greatest showman at circus school

Before you can master the three-ring circus, you have to go to circus school! The performers may make the tricks look easy but believe me, they’re anything but! It takes a lot of mental and physical skill, talent and confidence to master just one act. Phoenix Youth Circus Arts is helping to inspire and teach the next generation of circus performers.

Mix it up and learn to be a bartender

Whether you’re looking to shake up your career or date nights, Bartending Academy Tempe is the perfect place to mix it up! The hands-on 40-hour course covers more than 150 drink recipes, preparation and memorization techniques, as well as beer, wine, customer service techniques and responsible liquor service.

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