BLACK CANYON CITY, Ariz. — When you have "FUN" in your business name, clearly it's going to be a good time.

When you jump on an Arizona Outdoor Fun tour, your backyard is the beautiful Sonoran Desert.

"We have about 60-square miles of BLM land," said Joe Haldiman, owner of Arizona Outdoor Fun.

Hop on a single-person ATV or take a spin in a UTV.

"You can put four people in them, drives like a car, pretty much goes anywhere, better than a truck," said Haldiman.

Tours range from two hours to four hours, taking you out into the rugged desert wilderness to experience the scenery and history.

"We do our two-hour tour and it's a trail ride out to Native American ruins called the Agua Fria Fort. We do a three-hour tour that goes out to our shooting range and our four hour tour goes out to a ghost town called Tip Top," said Haldiman.

The exhilarating adventure takes you through twists and turns as you navigate your way deep into nature!

"I love Arizona, I love what we have for a state. The best part about this business is having people out to do a tour with us or do our shooting range and it's a memorable experience that they will never forget," said Haldiman.

The thrill of a lifetime awaits you at Arizona Outdoor Fun.

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