The first stop on our culinary cruise is Beckett’s Table. 

“The best way to describe Beckett’s Table is seasonal American cooking in a comfortable setting," said Chef Justin Beckett, co-owner of Beckett's Table and Southern Rail. 

The flavor profiles are off the charts with a wide variety of options including the classics.

“Old familiar favorites like short rib, roasted chicken and fresh vegetables from the farmer's market," said Chef Beckett. 

From shrimp and sausage grits, to homemade fresh pasta, Beckett's Table is the definition of a must eat restaurant. 

“We are here all the time and we look forward to seeing you," said Chef Beckett. 

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Next up, Chelsea’s Kitchen.

“It’s an authentic Arizona Roadhouse and we have the best of the southwest, from amazing fresh taco platters to fish and farm-to-table vegetables," said Laura Spencer, General Manager. 

Also on site, their very own smokehouse where all sorts of meat, fish and vegetables are smoked to pure perfection.

Enjoy the waterfront dining on the patio and keep your taste buds guessing with the weekly features.

“If you are used to our standard menu, come in, you can always get something new," said Spencer. 

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The final stop feels more like a food chemistry lab.  A quaint spot inside Arcadia's Gaslight Square called Finestre Modern Gastronomy.

“What we do and what we specialize in is A5 Whole Steer Japanese Wagyu," said Chef David Duarte, owner of Finestre Mondern Gastronomy. 

In fact, it’s the only restaurant in Arizona serving this prized beef!

Chef Duarte is a food scientist, turning foods into powders, gels, snow and mousse. When you eat here, it will be a unique experience to say the least. 

“Familiar dishes, done the Finestre way," said Chef Duarte. 

For example, imagine a crunchy lasagna that is hot and cold.

“We finish it off with liquid nitrogen buffalo mozzarella," said Chef Duarte.

It is truly trickery for your taste buds.

Another feature is the Bao Bun, a steamed bread roll filled with Wagyu beef and topped with ridiculous flavors that words can’t describe. 

Finestre Modern Gastronomy is a zero-waste restaurant.

“Whatever we don’t use on Tuesdays goes to feed the homeless," said Chef Duarte. 

Science never tasted so good. 

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