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Arizona's last drive-in movie theater: West Wind Drive-In

It's a Glendale landmark. #EverythingArizona

Welcome to the movies!

In 1933, Richard Hollingshead opened the first drive-in theater in New Jersey. The trend eventually took off and flourished through the 1960s.

West Wind Drive-In in Glendale is keeping that piece of pure Americana alive.

“Right now we are the last operating drive-in in the state of Arizona," said Travis Brown, General Manager at West Wind Drive In.

Originally opened in 1979, and also known as Glendale 9 because it features nine screens.

“We show all first run movies, so they are brand new hits," said Brown.

Some fields hold up to 200 cars, others, up to 600 cars!

“We are actually the largest drive-in west of the Mississippi River," said Brown.

It’s an experience rich in tradition.

“Today we usually see three and four generations coming, we have grandma and grandpa and their grown kids and now the grandkids are starting to come all together," said Brown.

Your experience comes to life up a flight of stairs on the top floor of the main round building.

Nine of the world’s largest outdoor digital projectors throw crystal clear pictures a quarter of a mile away.

The man that keeps them operating, is truly a star.

“Christopher Brooks, our Southwest booth tech, he’s been with the company for 25 years working hard. He started out just making popcorn," said Brown.

It’s the hard work that is preserving nostalgia.

“We’ve certain had our ups and downs but we are on the upside now and we aren’t going anywhere," said Brown.

So grab your popcorn, pull up in your car, tune your radio and enjoy a modern day movie in a yesteryear environment.

“It’s tradition, it’s something you won’t find anywhere else in Arizona and it’s Americana," said Brown.

For show times, visit www.westwinddi.com.

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