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'Carrie' is the most popular horror movie villain in Arizona

With Halloween just days away, it seems as if Arizonans are getting in the spooky spirit with the movie 'Carrie.'
Credit: GetWindstream.com

ARIZONA, USA — The tale of a bullied high school girl who snaps and kills all of her classmates and teachers with telekinetic powers is a top choice for Arizonans to get into the spooky spirit of Halloween. 

Research shows that the most Google-searched horror movie villain in the state was Carrie from the 1976 rendition of Stephen King's novel.

Get Windstream, an internet service provider that compiles data on common Google searches and internet usage reported that over 40,000 people in Arizona, Florida, Hawaii, Maryland, Nevada, Rhode Island and Virginia are, for some reason, obsessed with Carrie. 

Carrie came in second for the most states that searched for the villain. Norman Bates from "Bates Motel" came in first with 10 states Googling the character. 

As it may come as a disappointment to Michael Myers fans or fearfuls, the most searched horror movie character in the country was Alien from the self-titled movie franchise. 

Other characters that were highly sought after online include Chucky, Frankenstein and Hannibal Lecter. 

However, none of those evil-doers can compare to the blood-dripping, telepathic, horrifying and slightly misunderstood Carrie — according to Arizonans. 

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