PHOENIX - This politician really is Wonder Woman.

Cara Nicole Trujillo is better known to her 38,000 Facebook fans as AZ Powergirl -- the female version of Superman in the comic book world. She's hoping those fans help lift her into the Arizona Legislature.

Trujillo might be the first person whose full-time job is cosplayer to run for office in Arizona.

"It's dressing up as characters from anything you want, from comics, movies, television, books," Trujillo said during an interview at Samurai Comics in Mesa, where her photo book is a sellout.

She dresses up as comic book superheroes for special events, and models for comic book covers. Trujillo said she doesn't get hassled much by people who object to what she's wearing.

"Occasionally I'll get the Internet troll," she said. "I do costumes from revealing to completely covered. What people choose to focus on is really up to them."

For those voters who might be offended by all that skin in her photos, Trujillo walked 12 News over to the Wonder Woman comics on the Samurai racks.

"I've seen people wear less walking down the street," she said, holding up one of the covers.

Now Trujillo wants to be a state representative, a job description that doesn't call for superheroes.

"[Legislatures] were meant for the lay person to come in and help take care of the community," she said.

Trujillo has lobbied at the Capitol for expanded rights for divorced fathers.

"I do go down to the Legislature," she said. "I do talk to them and I'm willing to learn."

Less than a week into her campaign, Trujillo admits she has a lot to learn on the issues.

"There's a lot of issues," she said.

So I asked whether she supported Prop 123, the statewide vote in May on a $3 billion settlement of a school funding lawsuit.

"Ouch!" she said. "I don't know what Prop 123 is."

Trujillo is running under the Green Party banner for a House seat in Legislative District 26, covering parts of Tempe and Mesa.

Mark Curtis also sat down with Trujillo and asked her a few questions about her campaign.