WINSLOW, Ariz. - Documents reveal offensive language and an excessive force situation, both involving 15-year-old girls, led up to disciplinary actions for Winslow Police Officer Austin Shipley.

Shipley's conduct is currently under investigation by the Arizona Department of Public Safety after a March 27 shooting, where Shipley fired at 27-year-old Loreal Tsingine five times, killing her.

The Winslow Police Department says Tsingine was armed with scissors and got into an altercation with Shipley while he was trying to take her into custody for allegedly shoplifting at a nearby Circle K.

On February 16, a memo from Winslow Police Sergeant Q.L. Hayes to Chief Stephen Garnett investigates an allegation of "excessive force violation of Winslow P.D. policy 304.5."

According to the documents, Shipley responded to a "fight-in-progress" call, that later turned out to be horse play, with multiple subjects, including a 15-year-old girl.

Shipley commanded everyone involved to sit on a curb, but the girl did not comply and began walking away from the group. The officer commanded her to come back and the girl complied, walking back toward the group.

The narrative states Shipley instructs the girl to get on the ground, which she did not do, and the officer deployed his Taser. The officer stated he used his Taser because "he felt that [the girl] was reaching for something in her waistband."

After reviewing the body camera footage, Sgt. Hayes states the girl was wearing baggy pants and, from his observations, was pulling them up because they were falling down. Hayes also states the girl never made any abrupt movements toward the officer or acted aggressively.

Shipley also states he used his Taser because he was the only officer on scene and needed to use the weapon to keep the situation under control. The officer said he reviewed the use of force policy involving the Taser and admitted his actions were a violation of policy.

Shipley also stated glass bottles were being thrown in his direction from a bystander after he deployed his Taser. Those claims were unfounded, according to Hayes' memo.

Shipley was suspended for one day and was put on six months of probation for the incident.

In November 2013, Shipley was disciplined for offensive language he used toward a 15-year-old girl on Oct. 29th.

Shipley was transporting the girl from the police station to the Little Colorado Medical Center when the officer claims the girl began calling him offensive names. In response, the officer responded by calling the girl an offensive term, which he admitted.

The mother of the girl also claimed Shipley used excessive force while transporting her daughter, claiming he injured her arm and shoulder.

The department stated that video of the officer escorting the girl from the holding cell into his patrol car had been deleted at the time they attempted to review it. Footage from the Little Colorado Medical Center showed the officer did not use excessive force with the girl when transporting her inside the facility.

The department requested to speak with the doctor who checked the girl's injuries, but, according to the documents, the department said the girl's mother declined to move forward with the use of force allegations.

Shipley was suspended for one day and was required to attend diversity training.