"Lemonade, lemonade like grandma made!" You've heard it at Arizona Diamondbacks games for years and other sporting events and concerts across the Valley. Now, that lemonade just like grandma made is Arizona's official state drink.

Sorry, margaritas.

Gov. Doug Ducey signed the legislation, which was first thought up by a Gilbert teen, Monday.

The bill, when introduced to the Arizona legislature, actually consisted of just one line: "Lemonade is the official state drink." That's pretty simplistic as far as bills, which can be pages long, go. But the path to official state recognition wasn't as easy as you might think for the lemony beverage.

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Although the measure by Republican Rep. Warren Peterson passed the House, senators rejected it back in April. The measure actually faced several objections.

Margaritas were proposed to take lemonade's place instead and so was sun tea.

One lawmaker was opposed to the idea of "glorifying a sugary beverage," the Associated Press reports. While others thought it was "silly to waste time on a lemonade bill while a state budget plan languishes."

But despite some lack of support, lemonade squeezed through to become the official drink of the Grand Cayon State.

The beverage will join the likes of bolo ties, petrified wood and the Colt single action Army revolver as some of Arizona's state emblems.

Full list of Arizona State Emblems

State dinosaur: Sonorasaurus

State flower: Saguaro cactus blossom

State gemstone: Turquoise

State neckwear: Bolo tie

State firearm: Colt Single Action Army revolver

State tree: Palo verde

State bird: Cactus wren

State fossil: Petrified wood

State mammal: Ringtail

State reptile: Arizona ridge-nosed rattlesnake 

State amphibian: Arizona tree frog

State Fish: Apache trout

State butterfly: Two-tailed swallowtail

State colors: Blue and gold

The Associated Press contributed.