A bright light flashed across the sky in Arizona Tuesday night, leaving many people in awe.

Some captured the phenomenon on surveillance cameras.

The City of Phoenix shared this incredible video it captured from one of its skycams.

Twitter user Laura Curry also captured the event on surveillance camera:

An Instagram user saw it in Fountain Hills:

Even one of 12 News' live trucks caught it:

The American Meteor Society received 85 reports regarding the "fireball" in Arizona's sky last night. According to AMS, the same phenomenon was also seen in California, Nevada, Utah and New Mexico. A similar light show was also seen in France.

The Taurid meteor shower peaked this last weekend. According to AMS, scientists with an astrophysics research center in Germany, ruled out the idea that last night's event was part of the Taurids because of its trajectory.

Taurid meteors travel east to west. AMS reports last night's fireball traveled from northwest to southeast and ended somewhere east of Happy Jack, Ariz.

The Leonid meteor shower is active from Nov. 5 to Nov. 30, and it is expected to peak Friday night into Saturday morning this week. The Leonids appear to be coming from the constellation Leo the Lion (hence their name) in the east, but they should be visible all the way across the sky. It's not clear whether this flash was related to that meteor shower.

According to AccuWeather, however, favorable weather conditions are expected for viewing the meteors streaking across the sky in the coastal areas of the Southeast, the northern Plains, Four Corners region and California.

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