WINSLOW, Ariz. - 12 News has obtained new body camera video of an altercation between Winslow Police Officer Austin Shipley and a man that resulted in the officer punching the man in the face.

The video stems from a January 2015 incident where Shipley and two other officers responded to a local bar to remove an intoxicated man.

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The footage shows the man's handcuffs being removed and the officers repeatedly instructing the man to leave the area.

For more than a minute, the man disobeys commands and continues to stand next to a police squad car.

Shipley is seen approaching the man, grabbing him by the shoulders and forcibly moving the man off the property. The other two officers stand back.

The next 30 seconds show the man resisting and Shipley ultimately hits the man, who falls to the ground.

The man is handcuffed and arrested and led back to the squad car. Another officer asks Shipley if he is okay and the officer responds that he hurt his hand. Documents show Shipley fractured a bone in his right hand.

Winslow Police's Lieutenant Jim Sepi investigated the incident and wrote in a memo to Chief Stephen Garnett, he felt it appeared Shipley was the aggressor in the footage and went on to write the man's demeanor did not appear aggressive or dangerous to the officers or bystanders.

Shipley's conduct is currently under investigation for the shooting death of Loreal Tsingine, who was armed with scissors when the officer shot her five times.