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Video shows at least 30 students involved in fight at Tucson High School

Officials say a fight broke out at Tucson High School, 400 N. Second Ave., during lunch period, prompting heavy police presence in the area.

TUCSON, Ariz. — At least 30 students were involved in a fight at a high school in Tucson on Tuesday afternoon.

A fight broke out at Tucson High School during lunch period, prompting heavy police presence in the area, according to the Tucson Police Department.

The fight ensued when a man allegedly arrived on the school campus. 

That man was Rosalina Martinez's brother, who was on campus to pick up his two sons after an incident with another group of students.

“This shouldn’t have happened,” Martinez said. “The staff knew that there were plans of other people attacking them, they should have escorted him to safety.”

One of her nephews has special needs and the bother was defending him. Martinez alleges they have been bullied by those other students for about a month.

“When [my brother] was supposed to leave the campus they asked him if he could go around the block to get to his car because they were attempted attacks towards his kids,” Martinez said. “So my brother said ‘why do I have to go around? My car is right there? I’m not a criminal, I’m not doing nothing wrong?’”

As they walked out to their cars the students attacked them, Martinez said.

“He’s just pushing them off him, you can see in the videos that he’s pulled down, from his shirt to the ground. Then you can see a bunch of children, because they are children, closed fists hitting him in his head, kicking him in his body when he’s on the floor,” Martinez said. “When he’s trying to get up, that’s when they take that picture that shows that he has his arm on this kid’s neck. In reality, what he’s trying to do, is get up, and that’s when they take the picture.”

Police said one person was detained following the incident and two people were ultimately arrested. 

No weapons were taken to campus and no injuries were reported, police said.

Tuscon Unified School District Safety Officers remained on campus for the remainder of the day.

“He never hits anybody, all he is doing is protecting his kids from being attacked,” Martinez said.

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