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VERIFY: Is there a child sex camp in Tucson?

Tucson police have investigated the site and found no evidence of sex trafficking.

TUCSON, Ariz. - A conspiracy theory spreading across social media has militia members and theorists converging on Tucson to investigate what they believe is a child sex camp in the desert.

A group called Veterans on Patrol claims to have discovered the camp in the desert inside the Tucson city limits.

They believe the camp was used for imprisoning children. But is it?

Veterans on Patrol's founder, Michael Lewis Arthur Meyer (who's not a veteran), has a history of showing up at high profile and controversial events. He tried to join the Oregon standoff led by Ammon Bundy in 2016, but got into a fight and was thrown out. He's also been arrested for climbing flagpoles, apparently to bring awareness to veterans suicides.

Meyer claims to have found the camp after getting a flat tire. In numerous videos posted to Facebook, Meyer points out straps attached to trees as evidence of children being restrained.

However, that same video shows the same straps being used to support a pole that keeps camping gear of the ground.

Tucson police have investigated the site and concluded that it's just a homeless camp, but Meyers's supporters and believers don't believe them.

Fringe websites have picked up the story and gone further.

The prevailing theory is that the site of the camp is owned by Cemex, the world's largest building supply company, based in Mexico. Supporters believe the company is owned by the wealthy Rothschild family, and the company was partnered with the Clinton Global Initiative.

However, Cemex is not owned by the Rothschild family. The company is publicly owned and no company with Rothschild family ties owns a majority of shares.

Cemex did receive $7 million from the Clinton Global Initiative to build houses in Haiti, but that contract represents a tiny fraction of Cemex's $4.7 billion business.

Meanwhile, Veterans on Patrol also claims to have discovered the decomposed remains of a child in the desert.

But the Pima County Sheriff's Office said the county medical examiner determined the skull the group found is actually from an adult. A spokesman for the sheriff's office also said it was found in an area where migrants are known to cross the desert from Mexico. Many die on the way.

But Meyers has been getting support from across the country and other militia groups have said they're on the way to Tucson to investigate the situation for themselves.

But we can verify that police have found no evidence of child sex trafficking at the camp or anywhere else in the area.

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