The Arizona Board of Regents will consider banning smoking, including the use and sale of tobacco products and electronic smoking devices, from the state's university campuses at a meeting later this week in Tucson.

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A release from the governing board of Arizona's public universities pointed at the recent rise in vaping-related illnesses and deaths saying its a "crisis escalating out of control."

During the board's meeting on Nov. 21-22 at the University of Arizona, the board will consider proposed revisions to the board's prohibited conduct and student code of conduct policies to include smoking and the use and sale of tobacco products and electronic smoking devices.

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According to the board's agenda item, the state's universities already have policies that prohibit smoking, vaping and tobacco use on university property.

The proposed revisions would create a "uniform and comprehensive board-level policy" that would ban smoking, vaping and tobacco use from campus.

A spokeswoman for the board said the meeting later this week will be the first time the board discusses the proposed policy revisions.

The board's website shows the agenda item will be addressed Friday, November 22.