LAS VEGAS - A 26-year-old Tucson woman is continuing her fight to stay alive Tuesday after being hit by a bullet during Sunday night’s shooting rampage at a Las Vegas concert.

Savannah Nichole Sanchez was excited to spend last weekend with friends at the Route 91 Harvest music festival, but in the middle of the night her mother, Melisa O’Hagin woke up to the call most parents dread.

The unknowns tortured O’Hagin. She remembered how she begged doctors to give her good news: “She’s going be OK, just tell me that, just tell me that and the doctors would not say that.”

Born and raised in Tucson, full of life, Savannah's mom described her as “the sweetest, smartest cutest girl, friendly, has many friends.”

One of nearly 600 victims shot Sunday night during the country music concert, Savannah laid on life support at the St. Rose Dominican hospital Tuesday.

“She was looking forward to the country concert. She loves country music,” O’Hagin said.

Savannah dreams of a career in sports photography, but one bullet tore through her back, moving her life in a different direction.

“It hit like her esophagus, that’s attached to the stomach and then the bullet ricocheted inside her body cavity,” O’Hagin said.

A slight deviation for now because this woman was a fighter. Two surgeries later and with her family’s voices lifting her -- Savannah opened her eyes Monday.

“She’s making an effort. She lifted her hand,” O’Hagin said.

Though her daughter has big plans, Tuesday she told Savannah it was OK to take it day-by-day, as they counted on the support of their community and prayers for strength.

O’Hagin was overwhelmed by the outpouring of help from folks in Tucson, from her daughter’s employer and from complete strangers.

Savannah’s medical bills are stacking up. Anyone wbo wants to donate to her GoFundMe campaign can do so by clicking here.