Suns superstar Devin Booker was involved in a 2017 fight at a Tempe high-rise apartment building, according to TMZ, but police and the team have yet to confirm it.

Officials, however, did confirm that former Suns guard Tyler Ulis was involved.

The fight took place over a year ago, and no one was charged, but it's raising questions about the Suns $158 million dollar man.

The video, published Friday by TMZ, shows an altercation that began in an elevator, continued into a hallway, and then spilled into a lobby and onto the street.

Tempe police say it happened in May of last year at one of the West Sixth apartment towers - just block away from popular Mill Avenue.

Investigators say four men got into an altercation with Ulis, who was aided by a friend.

That friend isn't named.

Less than a week ago Booker signed the largest contract in Suns history, becoming the team’s first player to sign a maximum contract: a 5-year-deal, $158 million dollar deal.

TMZ says the face of the franchise can be seen in the video wearing a black hoodie and bandana, but police won't confirm it, saying Booker's name is not in the report itself.

The man wearing the hoodie appears to be a largely a bystander, though it's unclear what happened when the altercation exited the building.

Police say no one involved wanted to press charges and that the parties were given a disorderly conduct warning.

Ulis was just waived by the Suns less than two weeks ago.

The Suns told 12 News via email: “Simply put, we’re looking into it.”

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