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Video shows parents, coaches brawl at youth football game in Gilbert, Gilbert PD sends charges for review

TMZ obtained video of former NFL running back LaGarrette Blount sprinting across the field, confronting the opposing team's parents before throwing punches.
Detroit Lions running back LeGarrette Blount during the second half of an NFL football game against the Chicago Bears, Thursday, Nov. 22, 2018, in Detroit. (AP Photo/Paul Sancya)

GILBERT, Ariz. — Former NFL running back LaGarrette Blount was caught on camera throwing punches in a youth football game brawl in Gilbert on Saturday night. 

Gilbert police have since forwarded charges Town of Gilbert Prosecutor's Office for review.

TMZ obtained the video, capturing Blount sprinting across the field, confronting the opposing team's parents before throwing punches at a parent. 

>> See the full video below

"It was heated, it was anger, it was fury," a concerned parent told 12News. 

"I don’t think men like this that resort to violence understand what’s going on, what the implications are," another concerned parent said. 

12News is concealing both of the parents' identities because they fear retribution. 

Blount, the former Super Bowl champion with the Patriots and the Eagles, is the head coach of a 12-and-under NYFCA league. 

According to multiple parents, Blount's team won a "rivalry" game by a couple of touchdowns. Shortly after the end of the game, Blount became irritated. 

Despite the efforts of another man to restrain him, Blount broke free, sprinting across the field to confront some of the opposing team's parents. 

What followed were multiple minutes of parents and coaches yelling back and forth before Blount broke free and threw multiple punches at one of the parents. 

“You don’t settle things with violence. No matter what is said, you just don’t do that," one of the parents said. 

Police confirm they received calls about the fight shortly after 7 p.m. No injuries were reported, and an investigation into the incident is still ongoing.

This is not Blount's first time throwing punches on a football field. While playing at Oregon, Blount punched a player on Boise State shortly after losing that game. He was suspended for most of the year. 

“No matter what someone’s history is if they have a team of kids around him, why would act that way?” a parent said. 

"You hear these stories," one parent said "And then, when it happens to your team and your son, things got real down there."

In a statement, the NYFCA said suspensions or bans are likely.

The statement reads in part: 

The league does not condone this behavior and upon final review of the matter, indefinite suspensions and bans from the league will be issued. Our focus as a league, player, coach & parent has always been and will remain to provide a safe and fun environment for our players and families.  

“After witnessing what we witnessed, I don’t think they should be allowed back in the league," a parent said. 

Charges are proceeding against Blount, and have been forwarded to the Town of Gilbert Prosecutor's Office. Further court documents are awaiting review.

12News contacted Blount's agent, who happened to be the opposing head coach Saturday, but neither he nor Blount had any comment. 


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