PHOENIX - After the Texas Attorney General announced plans to bar anyone who owes child support from registering a car, many are wondering if Arizona should follow suit.

Arizona has many of the same enforcement capabilities as Texas, including suspending driver's licenses, passports and professional licenses. The Arizona Department of Economic Security can also place liens on homes or cars, and can even petition for an arrest warrant.

However, DES has begun publicly shaming "deadbeat parents" on social media, posting their pictures and the amount they owe. A spokesperson for the agency said so far, 14 out of 95 people featured on social media have been caught. The agency also said it's recouped $95,000 in back child support.

“Even though the 14 seems low," spokesperson Tasya Peterson said,"It’s incentivizing those folks who owe to not be featured on the website."

But DES believes if it wanted to follow Texas's footsteps, it would probably take the passage of a new law.

In the meatnime, DES said it will keep pressuring deadbeat parents with the aenforcement abilities it already has."