The Coconino County Sheriff’s Office released more than two dozen jail phone calls between Valley teacher Cathryn Gorospe and the man accused of killing her, Charlie Malzahn.

Detectives believe Malzahn killed the kindergarten teacher just hours after she bailed him out of a Flagstaff jail. Gorospe’s body was found in Mayer about a week after she bailed Malzahn out.

Flagstaff police believe Malzahn stabbed the teacher and then dumped her body. Investigators say Malzahn went on a wild crime spree after being released. He’s accused of assaulting an ASU student and carjacking another person.

The phone calls between Malzahn and Gorospe appear to usually take place during the evening hours. Malzahn would place the collect call and Gorospe would accept.

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12 News has not listened to all of the calls yet, but in most of the calls the couple seems engaged and excited to talk with each other. There is typically small talk about Gorospe’s day at school and what Malzahn did in jail.

The couple talks about future plans and it appears Malzahn was set to move in with Gorospe once he was released. During many of the calls the couple would say “I love you” and talk about how much they miss each other and can’t wait to see other.

At times, however, the calls would take a weird turn and Malzahn would talk about killing dogs. During one call, he talked about “decapitating” anyone who talked to “my lady.”

He also hinted about a fantasy of his that involved a staged murder scene where he would “cut you (Gorospe) up with razor blades and use fake blood.”

During one call Malzahn told Gorospe “I would not kill you for the winning lottery ticket.”

Many of the calls 12 News listed to ended with the couple saying, “I love you,” before hanging up.

Gorospe did tell Malzahn during one call that appears to be just a few days before she bailed him out that they needed to have a “big talk” before he got in the car.

Malzahn is currently in jail without bond on charges connected to the crimes in the Valley.