MIAMI, Ariz. - Authorities in east-central Arizona say two students at a combined junior and senior high school have been arrested and are accused of planning to shoot attendees at an upcoming eighth-grade promotion ceremony.

Gila County sheriff's officials said two students were overheard talking about bringing guns to school. Four other students then reported what they heard to school administration.

“Everything worked the way it was supposed," principal Glenn LIneberry said. "The students who heard them talking reported it immediately."

Sheriff's officials said they didn't know if the students arrested actually had the means or even the intent to carry out the plan, but they didn't want to take any chances.

No guns were found in the students backpacks, officials said. They also said they didn't have a motive.

“I don’t think there was actually a reason other than kids talking maybe trying to get attention," Gila County undersheriff Mike Johnson said.

The school district's events calendar says the eight-grade promotion is scheduled to take place May 24.