PHOENIX - Senator Jeff Flake shared details about his proposed gun bill on CBS This Morning and also urged President Trump to step up and lead the effort to pass gun reform.

Sen. Flake's plan would ban bump stocks, require assault weapon buyers to be at least 21 years old and also forbid those on the "No Fly List" from buying any weapons.

President Donald Trump held a meeting on Wednesday to discuss the issue of gun reform and took a stance on certain issue that traditionally would've been shunned by the GOP.

Sen. Flake admitted his decision to not seek reelection has influenced his decisions to be vocal on the issue and push back against the National Rifle Association.

President Trump, at one point during the meeting, suggested weapons be taken away from people and due process could happen after.

"Most remarkable was his statement on due process," Sen. Flake said. "Anything we have introduced in the Congress has respected due process, so it was astonishing to hear his language there."