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Route 2021: Checking out the spooky sights and sounds of Vulture City

As we gear up for Halloween, Team 12's Krystle Henderson stops by Vulture City, one of Arizona's storied ghost towns.

PHOENIX — If you're looking to take a trip back to the old west days of Arizona, Vulture City in western Arizona is a must-visit.

The historic ghost town was once a thriving community, but now only weathered remnants of the past remain. Established in 1863, Vulture City is a vital part of Arizona's rich mining history. 

Those who visit the area, which is home to the state's largest goldmine, can still see and touch some of the relics from years past. The area is pretty much deserted, but more than 5,000 people called this place home during its glory days.

Nowadays, the town has been restored with more than 16 curated buildings throughout the area, highlighting the unique, storied past of the abandoned town.

To learn more about Vulture City, we sent Krystle Henderson on an adventure to the ghost town. What did she find? Watch the videos below to find out.

Along with a trip through history, we also learned more about the alleged paranormal activity and ghostly spirits that are said to still haunt the area.

Have you gone on any ghost adventures in Arizona? Share your stories with us by sending an email to connect@12news.com.

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