PHOENIX — Less than a month from the end of the longest government shutdown in US history, another shutdown is looming. 

The deadline to come up with funding for the federal government is Feb. 15th.

The central issue remains border security, as sides try to figure out a compromise in Washington. 

Here in Arizona, federal workers still recovering from the last shutdown, are anxiously looking ahead. 

"It's a deja vu feeling," Steven Vigus, a federal prison worker, said. 

Vigus was one of the estimated 800,000 workers who went without multiple paychecks in the last shutdown. 

Vigus, a combat veteran, is also now a cancer patient after he was diagnosed with Leukemia last year.

The shutdown added to the stress, as medical bills mounted for the Marine.

"Everyone at work and myself are feeling stressed," Vigus said. "We are just afraid it will shut down again and go longer." 

If the government shuts down again, Vigus said he would have to have a new conversation with his doctors about payment arrangements. 

“I just have to tell them that I don’t know the next time I’ll pay you,” Vigus said. 

St. Mary's Food Bank also hopes to avoid a second government shutdown. According to Jerry Brown, director of public relations at St. Mary's, the food bank gave out more than 100,000 pounds of food in three mobile food drives. Brown said that does not include an increase of people who stopped by the bank itself. 

Brown said the extra food, will have a larger impact down the road. 

According to St. Mary's, 40 percent of their donations come during the holiday season. That food is expected to last until the late spring, early summer. However by having to provide more food now, it could create issues later in the summer. 

"When we are putting out hundreds of thousands of pounds more in January, it will impact the amount of food we have on hand later in the year," Brown said. 

Vigus said the anxiety of the looming shutdown is taking a toll.

"I'm tired of it," Vigus said. "I just want it to settle down and stop playing games."