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'How do we know if it’s safe for our kids to return to school?' Greenway High parents question response to school threat

An Instagram post from Tuesday threatened school administrators and the freshman class at Greenway High School.

PHOENIX — During finals week at Greenway High School in Phoenix, some students continue their lessons from home after a chilling threat was posted to social media this week.

“How do we know if it’s safe for our kids to return to school without any other specifics or details offered?” parent Shanon Bochini said.

Bochini kept her two Greenway freshman home from school Wednesday after the threat was posted on an Instagram story on Tuesday.

In the post, someone threatens to use an AK-47 to shoot school administrators and the freshman class. The post also tagged members of the school’s dance team and choir, and other groups, while also providing details on the easiest way to get inside the school.

“As soon as I saw the post on Instagram, and them going into the specifics, it frightened me,” said Greenway freshman Erick Bohall.

Erick’s dad and others said they’re frustrated with the school’s response and clarity on the information behind the incident.

“They should be doing more to provide more clarity and details. They need to let the parents and students know what’s going on,” parent Erick Bohall said.

Parents received a letter from school officials on Tuesday notifying them of the threat. They called the letter “vague” and offered few details.

A follow-up letter arrived in parents’ inboxes Wednesday morning, long after they said their kids had already arrived at school for the day.

The letter determined the threat was not credible.

“How did they determine that? What was the investigation? Is the person in custody? Do they know the suspect?” Bocchini said.

The identity of who is behind the Instagram account and post is still unknown.

Bocchini also said with school shootings so commonplace, she would rather be safe than sorry in protecting her children, but admits she’s not sure when she may feel comfortable in sending them back.

"It’s better to miss a week of school than not have them for the rest of their lives,” Bocchini said.

Parent Erick Bohall said he’s looking at possibly transferring his son to another school after the incident and after reaching out and receiving no response from school leaders.

In a statement to 12News, Phoenix police say they were aware of the incident and were investigating but found there was no credible threat to the school.

12News also reached out to Greenway High School for comment but has not heard back.

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