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Prescott couple fights HOA decision to evict orphaned grandson from their senior community

The couple had to take in their teenage grandson after both of his parents died weeks apart.

PRESCOTT, Ariz. — A Prescott couple says they’re stuck after the HOA in their 55+ community told them their orphan grandson has to move out.

Melodie and Randy Passmore moved into the Gardens at Willow Creek in Prescott a few years back, and they expected it to be their last move.

“None of us expect our kids to precede us,” Melodie said.

But a year ago, the Passmores had to take in their teenage grandson, Collin, permanently after both of Collin’s parents died weeks apart.

“There was no place else for him to go,” Melodie said.

Now the 15-year-old has a place of his own – living with his grandparents in the 55+ community.

“He doesn’t have anyone. He’s got him and us,” Melodie said. “I knew the rules, but I didn’t expect this.”

A few months into Collin living with them, a call and letters started going back and forth between Melodie and the HOA.

“We’re in violation. He has to be out by June of 2020, but they said, 'We’ll review it,'” Melodie said.

But then Melodie said she received a letter this month saying Collin had to be out in June 2020.

“What they’re telling us in the letter is not that we have to move, but that we have to get rid of him,” Melodie said. “He’s not a dog. He’s not something you can just throw out.” 

When 12 News contacted the HOA’s Attorney, they sent us this “updated” statement:

“The board of directors of the Gardens at Willow Creek is deeply saddened by the circumstances the Passmores’ are dealing with related to the loss of their loved ones. The Gardens at Willow Creek legal counsel and legal counsel for the Passmores have been in contact, and the board is working with the Passmores to resolve this matter.”

Melodie says though she hasn’t heard anything about working it out.

“What I want is a letter that says he can stay here and I don’t want to spend every year wondering if they’re going to come after us again,” Melodie said. “They see him walking to and from the bus. That’s all anybody sees him. He’s afraid to go out and ride his bike, he’s afraid to go out and ride his skateboard, he’s afraid to have friends come over.”


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