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Northern Arizona residents concerned over mountain lions

Those living in Munds Park believe the cats have attacked several animals in the neighborhood.

MUNDS PARK, Ariz. — Several animals have been attacked and killed in a Northern Arizona community, and neighbors believe a mountain lion and her two cubs are to blame.

There have been several videos posted over the past few months online showing the animals walking through people's yards. While they've become the talk of the town, Martin Zeigler, who has lived in Munds Park for nearly a decade, said they are causing trouble.

"We know for a fact that it has attacked several animals in the neighborhood, primarily cats right now," Zeigler said.

He said neighbors have found their pets wounded or killed, believing the mountain lions are behind it. Zeigler's concern now is if the creatures start attacking people.  

"It worries, I have small children," Zeigler told 12News. 

Many in the neighborhood have contacted Arizona Game and Fish to see what can be done to solve this potential problem.

However, those living in Munds Park are divided on what could be done. Some would like to see the mountain lions relocated to another area, and others say they have no problem with the animals being there.

However, Zeigler said the neighborhood could agree on one thing. They don't want the mountain lions hurt or killed.

"I just don't see why that we should have to wait for an incident to occur when we could do something before that because it wouldn't be good for the animal or a human," Zeigler said.

An Arizona Game and Fish spokesperson said they are aware of the situation. So far, they have not received any reports indicating that mountain lions are threatening people in the area.

Human safety is the top priority for Arizona Game and Fish, according to its website. It also said mountain lion removal is usually a last resort because they are territorial and often return to the area where they were captured. 

The department recommends those living in areas with mountain lions always walk their pets on a leash and keep an eye on small pets at all times while outside.

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