PHOENIX — A mother who was traveling to Phoenix from Las Vegas is telling her nightmare of a story after a bus company left her and her 7-year-old year daughter stranded at a gas station in Kingman on Wednesday evening.

Rozanne Walrond was in shock after learning the bus had left her behind—without her luggage, passport and money—in the middle of the desert.

Team 12’s Mike Gonzalez talked with her and a good friend she was on the way to see in Chandler when this all happened.

Rozanne Walrond says passengers on the Flixbus line were given 20 minutes to get something to eat and use the restroom.

Walrond says she was barely late getting back to the bus because her daughter was sick and thirsty and needed extra time in the restroom. 

“The plan was going to Las Vegas to here," said Walrond.

When Walrond decided she and her daughter would visit her good friend Rubby Gyamfi in Arizona, the plan was to stop in the Grand Canyon first. 

But that was all derailed Wednesday evening when the Flixbus liner left her at a diner during a stop in Kingman, Arizona. 

“It was announced, 'We’ll stop here and you’ll get your refreshment,'" said Walrond.

Walrond, who's a doctorate student focusing on STEM education, is from Barbados in the Caribbean. 

She says her 7-year-old daughter was sick and had to take some extra time taking care of her. 

"I paid for my stuff then went outside and the bus was gone," said Walrond. 

Walrond quickly called her good friend Rubby in Chandler, who was in shock by what she heard. 

"My initial thought was, 'What do you mean the bus left you?'" said Rubby Gyamfi.

Gyamfi frantically called Flixbus but couldn't get any real answers. 

"I asked the helpline if they could please tell me where I can meet the bus to get the luggage? He said no. But you can go online and fill out the form," said Gymanfi.

After picking up Walrond nearly four hours away in Kingman and reaching out to 12 News, Gyamfi finally got some answers: Walrond's stuff would be in the Valley Friday morning. 

Walrond says she's glad she got her stuff back with the help of 12 News. She hopes the company changes its policy because of what happened to her. 

"It was really scary for us and I am thankful we are safe," said Walrond.

She's also thankful she has such a good friend in Gyamfi—who she calls her angel that saved her.

"I hope they put in certain protocols so we can avoid these things in the future," said Gyamfi.

Flixbus released a statement to 12 News: 

"Thank you for reaching out. I would like to apologize for not responding sooner and say that I appreciate you bringing this to our attention. This is never the experience we want customers to have. We have been in contact with the relevant bus partner and are currently coordinating how best to return Rosanne’s luggage. Please feel free to reach out directly should you need any further information."