The Salt River wild horses have welcomed a new member to their ranks: Ducey the colt, named for Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey.

The Salt River Wild Horse Management Group named the colt after the governor to thank him for playing "a leading role in saving the Salt River wild horses," according to a release from the group.

Ducey the governor listed protecting the horses as one of his major accomplishments of 2016.

The SRWHMG said in the release that it was hoping to present the governor with a canvas print of baby Ducey this week.

“Without Governor Ducey’s support for the thousands of citizens who stood up for the Salt River wild horses when the federal government threatened to round them up, little Ducey might not have been born wild and free this year,” said Simone Netherlands, president of the Salt River Wild Horse Management Group, in the release. “We hope to work closely with the Governor to implement a public/private partnership for the humane management of this cherished wild horse population so that little Ducey can grow up wild and free.”