PHOENIX - Animal rights activists are shining a light on horses who they say have been abused at one of the Grand Canyon's tourist destinations.

Horses rescued late Thursday near Havasupai Falls show signs of overworking and abuse.

The horses are part of a group that cart tourists along paths to and from the beautiful Havasupai Falls.

According to Susan Ash of the advocacy group SAVE Havasu Horses, many people have known for years that some Havasupai residents who charge tourists to ride neglect the animals.

She said that the animals aren't given enough food or water and are never given medical attention, calling it a "death camp for horses."

A man now faces four charges from the U.S. Attorney's office related to the case.

Leland Joe, 34, has been charged with felony animal neglect and felony cruelty and mistreatment of animals along with two misdemeanors.

Meanwhile, workers at the Coconino County Humane Association are working to help the horses be healthy once again.