A new street mural that will be dedicated to Dreamers, will be painted by volunteers and local muralist Lucinda Hinojos, also known as "La Morena."

Hinojos said she is painting this mural for the 800,000 people currently affected by the Trump administration's decision to allow the DACA program to expire.

Latino and immigrant activist organization Promise Arizona will host Hinojos as she paints her mural titled "Unlocking Your Potential and Freedom."

"This issue is affecting nationwide, but it's really affecting us here in our own neighborhood," said Hinojos.

The mural has a deep meaning as it depicts a migrant field worker who happens to come by a cage of doves and butterflies.

"Five of the butterflies represent some of the girls that I have out here, that I am mentoring to help me with this mural," said Hinojos.

Hinojos says the migrant worker in the painting is opening the cage of butterflies, which represents the butterflies' potential and freedom.

"It's a way to bring, motivation, inspiration and hope to the people, to let them know we are here and we are in it with you," said Hinojos.

Hinojos and other volunteers plan to finish the painting Feb. 15.

"This mural could empower DACA students and also other Americans," said Gabriela Flores.

Flores, who is in 8th grade, is helping paint the mural.

She said this project hits home because her older sister is a DACA recipient.

Volunteers are welcome to join Hinojos to help paint the mural near Central Avenue and Broadway Road, at 3812 South Central Avenue in Phoenix.

For more information, visit Promise Arizona's website.